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Pineapple Production Company is a Cleveland media company and studio owned by musician and producer, Mike Schirch. We specialize in small to medium sized projects ranging from basic recordings and voiceovers to full music videos. We offer all inclusive options for those looking for promotional material or album art for their new project. Pineapple Production Company also provides corporate solutions such as promotional videos and graphic content for web and social media.


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Studio Tracking, Mixing, Editing, and Overdubs as well as live sound mixing, multi-track recording and reinforcement.  



Video production geared towards promotional use on websites and social media. Specialties include corporate, interview and music related videos.



Everything from posters and album art, to logos and social media graphics. 

Photography too!



Equipment rental, purchasing and installation. 

Access to musicians for your next project.



Audio • Video • Design


Mike Schirch - A short bio.

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I suppose a little bio is appropriate for this site. If I were someone (like you) looking to hire a producer, videographer, graphic designer, musician; I'd like to get to know them a little better before jumping into a project. Well, this is your chance! To start: I'm a pianist. I've been playing for roughly 18 years. Over the last 10 of those years or so, I've been in bands ranging from covers to country and currently my contemporary jazz trio: Blu Monsoon. I produce all of our recorded music and keep up with our internet graphics etc. I also (usually) run sound AND play piano at the same time during our performances. (iPads are great for this). I started recording music in the basement when I was about 13 years old. I plugged my keyboard right into the mic jack in the computer and used some really obscure early 2000's software to record. Over the last 10 years, I've been slowly building a comfortable, modern, high-quality recording studio officially, appropriately titled Pineapple Audio. The goal was to not only have great gear with a wide range of capabilities but to have a room where my friends and I would enjoy spending time and recording music. One of my first major recording purchases was a Behringer 10 channel mixer. It had all of the buttons, knobs, and faders that you would see in a real studio. Then I got some budget Shure microphones, and before I knew it I had spent the next 10 years buying gear. I dipped into sound for theater in high school as lead (and sometimes only) sound engineer at BBHHS. I ran everything from mics during concerts to body packs and sound effects during Fall Play and Spring Musical. (Check my gear pages). Both my studio and I have come a long way since then and I hope you consider becoming part of the journey.


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