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Audio Services

Pineapple Production Company offers a variety of audio services including Tracking, Mixing, Mastering, Live Recording and everything in between! While starting a project with us, your song(s) will go through all of these steps. We understand that not all projects begin and end in the same place, which is why we offer all of these services "á la carte" as well. Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us!



Tracking is a critical step in the music production process. My job is to capture your expertly written music and through the use of professional equipment and skillful recording techniques, transform your song into a professional multi-track recording.

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Mixing is an intimate process that we tailor specifically for you and your sound. We focus on getting to know you and your music in order to make your record is the best sonic representation of your personality and songs. Whether you record those tracks with us or somewhere else, we'll help to create your very own sonic masterpiece.  

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Mastering is the final step in the recording process before distribution. Mastering is a look at the "big picture." We listen the song (and/or album) as a whole (as opposed to focusing on the individual parts) and carefully balance levels, EQ and maybe even add a little secret sauce in order to make your music sound as cohesive as possible.

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Live Recording

Live recording is pretty self explanatory! We are fully equipped and ready to come and record your live performance! Much like in studio, we have the capability to record each instrument and vocal independently with professional grade microphones, giving us the ability to make a high quality mix back at the studio!


Additional services include live sound production, vocal recording & editing, vocal tuning, drum editing, overdubbing, A/V consulting and installation.




Audio Demo Reel

Below is a collection of songs I have either written, arranged, produced, played on, engineered or some combination of all five. All tracks below were mixed by me at my studio.  Request a Quote to get your next project started!


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