Design & Photo


Design and photography is an integral part of any project, whether it be related to music or business. We offer a variety of design and photography solutions including logo design, web design, album or product packaging, portrait photography, and product photography.


Photos taken at Kavana Social Kitchen. Stop in for some awesome food, and music on the weekends!

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Logo Design


Your logo is a graphic representation of your band (or brand!)…so it’s important to have a good one! It’s important to have a memorable logo that really sets you apart - that’s where we can help!

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Album Art

As a company focused on music, we offer our clients album design services to compliment their newly recorded material. We spend lots of time deciding on photos, fonts and other graphics to get you the best looking packaging that fits perfectly with your new record. Just give us the information you want on your CD (i.e. song titles and duration, producers, credits etc.) and we will organize it for you!

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Web Design

Pineapple Production Company offers flexible web design. We work within the Squarespace platform and customize their templates to meet your needs! We then transfer ownership to you so that you can post your own photos or blogs if you desire. Great solution for bands and small businesses!

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