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Video Services

Pineapple Production Company offers a wide variety of video production services. Whether you're a musician that needs a gig filmed, or a business that needs a promotional video for your website or social media; we can do it. We can do single or multi camera videos filmed with professional grade cameras. This is a great solution for live performances, studio sessions, interviews or corporate events.


Music Videos

recording sessions • gigs

  • All videos are shot and edited in 4k or 1080p full HD

  • Film anywhere! We'll shoot both in studio and on location.

  • Want a music video for your new single? We'll sync it with your great sounding studio recording!

  • Want a video of your band playing live? We'll record multi-track audio and video at the same time!

  • We'll deliver your videos so you can post them to Youtube quickly without losing any quality!


corporate video

interviews • social media • events

  • All videos are shot and edited in 4k or 1080p

  • Services include...

    • Interviews

    • Tutorials

    • Short documentaries

    • Event highlights

    • Promotional videos

  • Quality audio - we Eq and compress your audio to get the best sound possible.


Not in these categories?

Every project is different: If you have a project thats not in one of these categories, don't hesitate to reach out. Pineapple Production Company has the ability to execute a wide range of projects and produce quality media!

Need a hand?

We are more than willing to work with other video production companies or other creatives on your staff in order to produce the best quality video! Sometimes its helpful to have an extra set of hands or an extra camera, especially for larger scale productions and events. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to work with you on any project!




Video Demo Reel

Below are a few videos that i've filmed and/or edited. Most of them are music related and could be what you have in mind for your next music video. Please feel free to contact us to get your next video project started!